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Freeze 17-1

Head Coach: Mary Stude 


Assistant Coaches: Suzanne Katof and Tia Adamson

Practice Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:45-9:30pm at Athletic Gaines

Roster (detailed player info below)

#10 Ella Brokl

#2 Jamisen Burr

#5 Brooklyn Charles

#13 Kate Dockter

#6 Victoria Fuller

#4 Jessica Katof

#9 Greta Mahlke

#8 Lydia Voxland

Team photo coming soon

2022-23 Tournament Schedule

Freeze 17-1 Roster

Ella Brokl, #10

School/grad year: Chanhassen High School/2024

Position: middle blocker

Height: 69"

Reach: coming soon

Block jump: coming soon

Approach jump: coming soon


Jamisen Burr, #2

School/grad year: Eastview High School, 2024

Position: Libero/DS

Height: 64"

Reach: 85"

Block jump: 103"

Approach jump: 104"


Brooklyn Charles, #5

School/grad year: Chanhassen High School, 2024

Position: Outside hitter (left)

Height: 69"

Reach: 88"

Block jump: 106"

Approach jump: 107"


Kate Docker, #13

School/grad year: Delano High School, 2026

Position: Opposite hitter (right)

Height: 68"

Reach: 88"

Block jump: 107"

Approach jump: 108"


Victoria Fuller, #6

School/grad year: Burnsville High School, 2024

Position: Libero/DS

Height: 66"

Reach: 87"

Block jump: 104"

Approach jump: 103"


Jessica Katof, #4

School/grad year: Chanhassen High School, 2025

Position: Outside Hitter (Left)

Height: 73"

Reach: 92"

Block jump: 111"

Approach jump: 112"


Greta Mahlke, #9

School/grad year: Chanhassen High School, 2024

Position: Setter

Height: 67"

Reach: 86"

Block jump: 106"

Approach jump: 107"


Lydia Voxland, #8

School/grad year: Forrest Lake High School, 2024

Position: Middle Blocker

Height: 71"

Reach: 89"

Block jump: 108"

Approach jump: 109"

Player photo coming soon

Freeze 17-1 Team Fee Payment Schedule:
Tryouts, 2022: $750.00
Dec 1, 2022: $575.00
Jan 1, 2023: $575.00
Feb 1, 2023: $575.00
March 1, 2023: $575.00
April 1, 2023: $575.00
May 1, 2023: $575.00

Freeze 17-1 Total team fee: $4200.00

What do the fees include: Coaches, facility/gym rental, equipment, tournament registration, apparel package, admin, IT, and registration with governing bodies.

COVID-19 Cancellations and Refunds: We will do our best to give refunds in the event of COVID-19 related tournament cancellations, however, refunds are not guaranteed. We will not be able to give refunds for missed time due to player or coach quarantines.

Everything is covered in your team fees except travel costs. Why aren't travel costs included? Many parents travel to watch their daughters compete out of town. For this reason, we prefer to give parents the choice to room with their daughter and make their own travel arrangements. This saves money in the long run because families don't have to pay for their daughter's travel/lodging within team fees and in addition pay for their own travel. Parents also have the option to use frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards, etc. Since the players room with their parents and not 3 other players, the girls usually get more sleep and perform better!

*Information, schedules and locations subject to change.

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