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Freeze Testimonials

Our community is always first. 

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"So thankful to be apart of the Minnesota Freeze Volleyball Club, to be apart of an organization that puts God first matters! Grateful for the relationships and the great student athletes I was blessed to coach and thankful to the many other coaches that I learned from along the way."

— Amber Clayton, Parent and Travel Manager

"Freeze is unlike any other club in the twin cities. We truly care. Being an alumni of the program and now a returning coach I can only say how much this program means to me. As a player, I had role models, teammates turned best friends and unforgettable experiences that made me who I am today."

— Amanda Gans, Freeze Alumni, Freeze14s Coach

"As a 4th-year parent and a 2nd-year coach, I definitely appreciate the family feel of this program. It is absolutely a personal experience where coaches collaborate and families and players get to know one another both on and off the court. I have been impressed over the years with how accessible the director is: she has personally and quickly responded to my questions. It is clear that this is not a club that is simply focused on winning records or driven by the financial bottom line. Freeze is about developing the all-around player and playing to the strength of each individual to create competitive teams. My daughter has played various positions (Setter, DS, Opp, OH) in her 4 years with Freeze because the director and her coaches are always taking a fresh look at players rather than pigeonholing someone into a position where that is the only training they receive season after season. An equal emphasis is placed on character and developing life skills such as leadership, teamwork, confidence, and battling through adversity. The atmosphere in the gym is always positive and purposeful, with an intensity that develops players' IQ in addition to fundamental skills. Freeze maintains the personal experience throughout the season with 1-on-1 meetings between coaches and players to determine what is working and identify areas of focus.."

— Suzanne Katof, Freeze Parent and Freeze 16s Coach

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